Friday, September 19, 2008


In today's Melbourne Age Jason Koutsoukis continues to cover the political situation in Israel following Tzipi Livni's dramatic victory in the contest for leadership of the Kadima party - 40 days for Livni, wilderness for Olmert.

Strangely enough, the killings of 20 Palestinians by fellow Palestinians in the wilderness of Gaza rates no mention. As I've said many times before, Palestinian lives only have a meaning to most of the world's media if they are lost in fighting with Israelis and even when the latter are defending themselves against terrorists bent on wiping out Jews, the blame is mostly sheeted home to the Jews.

So the Jason Koutsoukis article ends with a little speculation on a future timeline:-


■Ehud Olmert formally resigns as Prime Minister and his cabinet resigns with him.

■President Shimon Peres consults parties to choose a Knesset member to form a new cabinet — expected to be Kadima leader Tzipi Livni.

■The prime minister-designate has 42 days to form a coalition acceptable to the Knesset.

■If no coalition is formed, a general election must be held in 90 days.

So permit me to add some speculation of my own -


■Palestinians continue to kill Palestinians and the world continues to yawn and take no notice.

■Palestinians continue to intermitently breach the ceasefire recently reached with the Israelis by attacking Israeli civilians and nobody apart from the victims will really care.

■So called "peace activists" will continue to lie with their allegations comparing conditions in blockaded Gaza to concentration camps and Darfur while well fed Gazans are photographed in their feasting [hat tip: Elder of Ziyon], not a soul has died of starvation there and there's plenty of pictorial evidence of fat mammas in residence there.

■Anti Jewish crusader and ignoramus Antony Loewenstein suddenly wakes up to the fact that Tzipi Livni is a "she" and not a "he".

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