Friday, January 09, 2009


Israeli cartoonist Yaakov Kirschen tells it as it is

The United Nations Security Council today passed Resolution 1860 calling for an immediate cease-fire in Israel's offensive in Gaza - Haaretz.

Israel's Foreign Minister says Israel will "continue to act only in its interests and according to its own security needs" while Hamas says "the group is not interested in the resolutiom because it does not meet the demands of the movement."

Just wondering how the media will treat this. Will the headlines trumpet that Israel, and Israel alone, is not heeding the Resolution or will they be honest and emphasise Hamas' position that it's simply not interested?

I'm also looking forward to the day when the Age reveals to its readers the fact that Hamas is murdering suspected collaborators at an alarming rate without the benefit of a trial. Remember, this is the Age which wants people to think Hamas is a boy scout troup and a democratic beacon for the Palestinian people. The latest journalist to report on these summary executions is an unlikely character - far left wing Israeli Amira Hass in Hamas executes collaborators and restricts Fatah movement.

"Estimates of the number of suspects executed range from 40 to 80, but amid the prevailing conditions shelling, fear of walking the streets and media blackouts it is virtually impossible to verify the numbers or identities of the dead."

My bet is that along with the UN and the Red Cross, the usual suspects in the media will be true to form, look the other way and add 80 to the number of Palestinian civilian dead in this conflict and just blame Israel without checking any of the facts.

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Wilbur Post said...

Surprisingly, the on-line edition of the Age actually got it right today.

My compliments.

They also have an excellent cartoon by Spooner who has more taste and a lot more sense than Leunig.