Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's almost a month since The Australian Newspaper did the decent thing and apologised for the media slanders published in newspapers like the Melbourne Age over the Gaza School Blood Libel wherein it was alleged that Israel targeted that school is Gaza where 42 civilians were supposed to have died - THE AUSTRALIAN'S RETRACTION FOR THE AGE and ISRAEL DISPUTES CIVILIAN TOLL NEAR UN SCHOOL.

The Age has never retracted those allegations made on 7 January, 2009, nor has it apologised for misleading its readers.

Worse still, the Age is publishing articles that in part repeat the claim in the blood libel insofar as it relates to the false claim of the number of civilain dead which was actually three and not 42 - Israel to probe soldier abuse claims.
Rights groups have accused Israel of using disproportionate force and failing to protect civilians. Cases they cite include the use of white phosphorus ammunition and shelling near a UN school that killed 42 people seeking sanctuary there. White phosphorus can be employed legitimately in battle, but rights groups say its use over populated areas can indiscriminately burn civilians and constitutes a war crime.

The Age has been crying wolf with false and unsubstantiated claims of alleged Israeli war crimes ever since the conflict began and it simply can't help itself. One piece in today's Age claims United Nations offical Richard Falk is an expert on Palestine ISRAELI WAR CRIME LIKELY, SAYS UN . Falk managed to get his job at the United Nations because of his credentials as an Israel basher and was refused entry into Israel at the time of Gaza War because he linked Israel with the Nazis. In the Alice in Wonderland world of the U.N. that's fine but shame on the Age for its failure to reveal that fact in this story.

Of course, when the allegations made against the Jewish State are finally refuted, you won't read about that in the Age.

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Anonymous said...

The Photo of ex British MP George Galloway hugging Internationally recognized leader of terrorist/ Anti Semitic Islamist organization Hamas sums up where UK is heading..

Londonstan is head office for the Islamists European headquarters with 2 Million Muslim residents to back them up.
You would think after two Islamic terror attacks and numerous foiled attempts by home grown Muslims the British would get it.