Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yesterday's Age carried a letter written by Fay Waddington agreeing with calls for a boycott of Israel

A moral platform

WHAT a great story about our Prime Minister's activist nephew and his artwork condemning Veolia for its involvement in building a light rail system in Jerusalem (The Sunday Age, 8/3).

He is certainly on the right track, if you pardon the pun. That company has already lost a large contract in Sweden due to public outcry over the same issue. May it be the first of many.

There is a growing worldwide campaign to boycott, divest and sanction any individual or company that deals with Israel while it continues to build on land stolen from Palestinians. Get on board.

Fay Waddington, Wooloowin, Qld

This immoral letter (replete with the usual tripe about "land stolen from Palestinians" received this excellent response in today's edition:

It should not be a difficult choice at all

SADLY one is no longer shocked by anti-Israel statements and actions or demands, such as that of Fay Waddington's for a campaign of boycotts and sanctions again Israel (Letters, 9/3). Anti-Zionism has become so widespread and politically correct and it is often so divorced from political and historic reality that one suspects that it masks even more dangerous and more ancient hatreds.

Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East. If Waddington wishes to sheet home blame for the recent conflict in Gaza, she would be better to direct her ire towards Hamas, a violent terrorist organisation that has made no secret of its commitment to destroy Israel.

So we have to ask, should we boycott Israel, a legitimate democratic state, in favour of a Taliban-style terrorist organisation? One would hope that the answer is obvious.

Dr Bill Anderson, Surrey Hills


Maurice Sloane said...

It simply appalls me that a newspaper that purports to be of high standards should publish outright lies such as those perpetrated by this Waddington person.

Good on you Dr. Anderson for exposing her for the propagandist that she is!

COlonel Neville said...

Hey it's that Van bastard again. I had a connection, now long ago severed, to that little Marxist no talent treasonous freak and phony.

When will someone with money and power sue the Jew hating Age newspaper? Never.

Colonel Neville.


Anonymous said...

Waddington is Palestinain activist based in Brisbane...