Thursday, March 05, 2009


A letter in the Australian Newspaper from Judy Bamberger of O'Connor, ACT

I HAVE just returned from three fabulous weeks training and consulting in Pakistan. I was welcomed and embraced by all, looked after and treated royally my entire visit.

It’s the Pakistani people who suffer most from these horrific attacks. They die; they’re wounded. They lose face internationally. Our governments encourage us to be afraid and “reconsider travel”; we stay away, hurting Pakistan’s economy. We lose an opportunity to dispel myths and fears—our own, theirs. And we let the criminal, fanatical lunatics win.

I return to Pakistan for work in several months. I look forward to it with all my heart.

Judy Bamberger
O’Connor, ACT

This is a familiar story from a signatory to the declaration of Independent Australian Jewish Voices only this time the background scenery is different. This from one who has written many letters in past years in various Australian newspapers about the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbours and who always focuses on perceived wrongs by the Israelis and routinely ignores crimes against humanity committed by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists against their own people and against Israelis. Who, in respect of that conflict, is happy to let the criminal, fanatical lunatics win.

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